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24/07/2021, 14:00 - 23:30
After: 23:30 - 06:00
Prinsentuin Leeuwarden

Information on this page is outdated, we will update this soon.

We understand that you might have some questions about covid and our festival. We are working closely with the township (Gemeente Leeuwarden) to stay up to date of latest regulation and developments. Check out our FAQ or send us a message on Instagram if you have any other questions.

Testing for access

Why do I have to test before access?

As you probably have heard or read, our government has stated that events can be visited with a negative test result starting June 30th. Obviously, this is not ideal and we hope that this will only be a temporary necessity. However, if these temporary guidelines are the only way to organize a festival in a safe matter, then we will have to accept that as an organization. We rather have Tuinfeest Festival than no festival!

Where and when can I get tested?

The tests are administered through Testen Voor Toegang (Tests For Access). These tests are free and take place at various locations in your area. You are asked to have a test taken as close to home as possible, no more than 40 hours before the festival.

So if you are visiting us on Saturday, you should have a test taken no more than 40 hours before Saturday. You can schedule an appointment two weeks in advance via

Can I get tested if I am not a Dutch national?

Yes, everyone who wants to visit Tuinfeest Festival can get tested via Testen Voor Toegang (Testing for Admission).

How does testing for access work?

In order to gain access to Tuinfeest Festival, every visitor must be tested within 40 hours before the start of the festival. Go to to schedule an appointment. Please note: only test results that have been scheduled through Testing for Access will be accepted for admission to Tuinfeest Festival.

How do I show my negative test at the entrace?

Everyone who visits Tuinfeest Festival must show their negative test result via the Corona Check app in the form of a QR code. You will receive a code after you have been tested via Testen Voor Toegang (Test for Access) that you can fill in in the Corona Check app to generate the QR code. Without this QR code, access will not be granted.

I have a question about the CoronaCheck app

The most frequently asked questions about the CoronaCheck app can be found at For (technical) questions about the CoronaCheck app, you can contact the government by calling 0800-1421 (free of charge, available from Monday to Sunday between 08:00 and 20:00). Or send an e-mail to


Do I need to test if I have been vaccinated?

No, if you are fully vaccinated a negative test is no longer necessary! Through the Corona check app, you can get a QR code with your vaccination certificate that gives you access to Tuinfeest Festival. This is possible as of June 23rd.


You must be fully vaccinated for at least 2 weeks. Please note, the GGD may be behind with entering the vaccination certificates into the Corona Check app. If this is the case, you will have to get yourself tested via Testen Voor Toegang (Test for Access).

If I have had one shot of the vaccine, is that enough?

No, you need to be fully vaccinated and for most vaccins this means 2 shots. Also, the government sees you as fully vaccinated 2 weeks after your second shot. Only then, you can activate this in the CoronaCheck app and then you can use that QR code. If you had one shot, you still need to get a free test in order to enter Tuinfeest Festival.

Going to Tuinfeest Festival / After

What do you need to enter Tuinfeest Festival?
  • A valid ticket for Tuinfeest Festival
  • A valid QR code in the Corona Check app
  • Your ID

Tuinfeest Festival is an 18+ event.

What if I'm going to both Tuinfeest Festival and the After? Is my test still valid?

At the entrance of Tuinfeest Festival, everyone will receive a wristband once you are through security. This indicates that your QR code was valid and that you can go to the After as well without scanning your QR code again. You can not leave the festival grounds, however.

Transport: by train

Take the train to Leeuwarden Centraal Station. This can be done from multiple directions, with NS coming from Utrecht or with Arriva coming from Groningen and Harlingen for example.

When arrived in Leeuwarden, you can either walk for ± 15 minutes or take bus 6 (Bilgaard via Noorderbrug) and get out at stop Wissesdwinger. Stop Wissesdwinger is only a minute away from the entrace.

Transport: by bus

Take bus 6 and get out at stop Wissesdwinger. Stop Wissesdwinger is only a minute away from the entrace.

Transport: by foot

We encourage everyone closeby to walk to the Prinsentuin. You find the entrance at the east side of the park, at the height of the Frisian Nature Museum / Schoenmakersperk.

Transport: by bike

Not closeby enough to walk? Bike is a good alternative. We have two bike parkings, but these are limited in space. The first parking is close to Tresoar, the other is next to the entrance. You find the entrance at the east side of the park, at the height of the Frisian Nature Museum / Schoenmakersperk.

Transport: by car

The closest car parking is parking garage Oldehove. From there, it is only a few minutes to the entrance. You find the entrance at the east side of the park, at the height of the Frisian Nature Museum / Schoenmakersperk.

You can always drive out from this parking garage. More information can be found here. If you come by car, make sure to have a designated driver who steers clear from substances.

At Tuinfeest Festival


Tuinfeest wants to reduce its use of plastic, therefore we do not work with plastic coins at our Festival. Tuinfeest Festival will be pin-only, you can pay with your card, phone or smartwatch at every bar! We will not accept cash.


You can smoke anywhere in the park. Make sure you pack what you need as we do not sell tobacco products.

Can I leave the festival grounds and come back?

No, you can not leave and return later. Tickets can only be scanned once, meaning that once you leave, you cannot enter the Festival grounds again later.

Ticket FAQ

Ticket sale has started! You can buy tickets here via the integrated app, or directly on our separate ticketshop.

Tickets for Tuinfeest are only available online. It rarely happens that there are door tickets, so be smart to order your ticket in time.

You can use the integrated app below, or go to the ticketshop directly with the button below. In case of too much traffic, it can be the case that will be unreachable. Our ticketshop is hosted separately and will always be reachable.

Tuinfeest Festival and the After are 18+ events.

Ticket Prices

The ticket prices for Tuinfeest Festival are:

  • Early bird: €30 (incl. service costs)
  • Regular: €35 (incl. service costs)

For the After, a ticket is €18 incl. service costs. You can only join the After with an After ticket. Festival tickets do not grant access to the After. You have to be 18+ to join us.

How many tickets can I buy?

There is a maximum of 4 tickets per person.

Can I keep tickets in my cart forever?

Once you selected your tickets, you have 15 minutes to complete the order. If you fail to do so, the selected tickets will become available again for other fans.

What if I want to sell my tickets or buy from someone?

Always use TicketSwap! We have an integration with TicketSwap so that you get a new ticket number. The seller’s ticket will be disabled, so that it is impossible to be scammed.

Are there Terms & Conditions applied to these tickets?

Yes, there are. The terms & conditions can be found here. You accept these terms & conditions when you buy tickets.

Do I need a separate ticket for the After?

You need an After ticket to join the After, as the After is a separate event. A Festival ticket does not give access to the After.

This setup gives you more freedom, as you can choose to only go to the Festival, go to both the After and Festival, or only go to the After.

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