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Tuinfeest Festival

15 July 2023, 14:00 - 23:30
After: 23:30 - 06:00
Prinsentuin Leeuwarden

What did you think of Tuinfeest festival...

What a magical day we had in the Prinsentuin! Check out the after movie to reminisce from 16th of July. We will be back 15th of July, you can now pre register! We can not wait to do it all over again.





Check out the aftermovie here!
Tuinfeest Festival Map

Prinsentuin, Leeuwarden

FAQ & latest information

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Tickets for Tuinfeest are only available online. It rarely happens that there are door tickets, so be smart to order your ticket in time.

You can use the integrated app below, or go to the ticketshop directly with the button below. In case of too much traffic, it can be the case that will be unreachable. Our ticketshop is hosted separately and will always be reachable.

Tuinfeest Festival and the After are 18+ events.

Ticket Prices

The ticket prices for Tuinfeest Festival are:

  • Early bird: € TBA (incl. service costs)
  • Regular: € TBA (incl. service costs)

For the After, a ticket is € TBA incl. service costs. You can only join the After with an After ticket. Festival tickets do not grant access to the After. You have to be 18+ to join.

How many tickets can I buy?

There is a maximum of 4 tickets per person.

Can I keep tickets in my cart forever?

Once you selected your tickets, you have 15 minutes to complete the order. If you fail to do so, the selected tickets will become available again for other fans.

What if I want to sell my tickets or buy from someone?

Always use TicketSwap! We have an integration with TicketSwap so that you get a new ticket number. The seller’s ticket will be disabled, so that it is impossible to be scammed.

Are there Terms & Conditions applied to these tickets?

Yes, there are. The terms & conditions can be found here. You accept these terms & conditions when you buy tickets.

Do I need a separate ticket for the After?

You need an After ticket to join the After, as the After is a separate event. A Festival ticket does not give access to the After, nor does an After ticket give access to the Festival.

This setup gives you more freedom, as you can choose to only go to the Festival, go to both the After and Festival, or only go to the After.

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